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Bulgaria is a Southern European Country Bordered by Turkey, Greece, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Romania. The Language They Speak is Bulgarian, The Capital City of Bulgaria is Sofia and the Currency is Lev. Bulgaria is a Coastal Country and The Sea is the Black Sea, It is a Land Locked Sea with a slight passage near Turkey, Which Makes it a Sea. There are many seas Like this in Europe. The Demographics have been continuously changing because of the Historic Invasions and Wars . This Country has many Tourist attractions related to Art and Culture. There are many Outdoor Spots and Museums.

Important Places in Bulgaria

  • Sunny Beach
  • Rila Monastery
  • Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevsky
  • Boyana Church Museum
  • Tsarevets Fortress
  • Cape Kaliakra
  • Bachkovo Monastery
  • Pirin National Park
  • Buzludzha
  • Aladzha Monastery
  • Madara Horseman
  • Rila National Park
  • Sea Garden
  • Regional History Museum – Sofia

Table of Information

Best SeasonSummer, June to Sept, Winter Nov-Dec
Climate-20 To 45 (Celsius)
Flights Cost650$
Flight DetailsClick Here
Covid RestrictionsStill On, Click Here

Budget Options and Stays

For Solo Travelers, Use Backpacker Hostels 5$ per day, Spend 10 days in Bulgaria and Overall Cost Estimation Will be 2000$.

For Couples, If Affordable You can Use Hotels/ Stay in Backpackers, For 10 days trip it Costs around 3500$ for Couple.

Below are the Hotels List in Bulgaria.


Happy and Safe Journey.