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Slovenia is an Eastern European Country Bordered by Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia. The Sea Adjacent is the Adriatic Sea, The Currency they follow is Euro and the Capital City of Slovenia is Ljubljana, Slovenia is a very small country in Europe, It has many beautiful places like Lakes, Buildings, Art and Culture related museums, It has many National parks because of its Bio-Diversity, There are many different types of Bird Species and also Plants, The Vegetation is Very beautiful in Slovenia.

Slovenia History

The earliest file of human agreement in Slovenia changed into found in Hells Cave, positioned withinside the Loza Woods close to to the metropolis of Orehek. Two stone equipment have been observed which have been about 250,000 years antique so the primary population of Slovenia have been the Neanderthals.

Slovenia changed into settled through Illyrian and Celtic tribes withinside the Bronze age and the location have become a part of the Roman Empire withinside the first century B.C. The Slovenes have been a southern Slavic tribe that moved into the usa withinside the sixth century A.D. In the seventh century, they fashioned the country referred to as Samu, which changed into allied with the Avars, who dominated maximum of the Hungarian plains, till they have been defeated through the Charlemagne tribe withinside the eighth century AD.

The Hungarians have been defeated through the Turks in 1526 and have been compelled to seek Austrian Hapsburg rule to keep away from being a part of the Turkish Empire. The Hapsburg monarchy changed into the primary to encompass all the Slovene areas below its control. Both Slovenia and Croatia have become a part of the Austro-Hungarian country whilst the twin monarchy changed into set up in 1867.

Important Places in Slovenia

  • Lake Bled
  • Postojna Cave
  • Triglav National Park
  • Skocjan Caves
  • Lake Bohinj
  • Predjama Castle
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Trivoli Park
  • Preseren Square
  • Logar Valley
  • Central Market
  • Cross Cave

Table of Information

Best SeasonJune to August
ClimateMin -4, Max 28 (Celsius)
Flight Cost1100$
Flight DetailsClick Here
Covid RestrictionsClick Here, Few Places are Closed

Budget Travel Options

Backpacker Hostels are just 5$ Per day , You can Stay there. The Total Cost Estimation for Solo Traveler is 2900$.

For Couples, This will be around 5500$ for 10 days.


Happy and Safe Journey.

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