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Serbia is a Land Locked Country in Europe Completely Surround by other countries like Romania, Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria. Belgrade is the Capital City of Serbia and also Currency of Serbia is Serbian Dinar and the Language they speak is Serbian. There are many Monasteries, National Parks, and also Monuments to Visit in Serbia, But it is advised for travelers that the Serbian Crime Rate is Increasing and Stay cautioned about this. Let’s Explore the best places in Serbia.

1 Serbian Dinar=0.010$

Why Should I Visit Serbia?

Many Monasteries, Churches and also Famous for National Parks.

Best Season to Visit Serbia

The Best Season will be during summer and that is between April and September.

Important Places to Visit

How to Reach Here.

There are Connecting Flights to Belgrade and also Ticket Costs are 950$.

Click Here for Booking Flights

Travel Restrictions

There are many Travel Restrictions to Serbia and Covid -19 Restrictions are still going on even though few Transportation Options are still available, Click below for more details.

Serbia Travel Restrictions

Budget Options for Solo/Couples

For Solo Travelers, Choose Backpacker Hostels, Daily it Costs 20$.

For Family or Couples Travel Escort is the Best Option. But Expensive, Backpackers also available for Couples.

It is also Strictly Advised better to travel with Travel Escort, Solo Traveling can be an issue, But Still, Options are given below.

Cost Estimation for Backpackers, Trip for 15 Days, and Rides will be 3000$ Including up and Down Flight Costs. Backpackers Hostels Click Here.

Cost Estimation for Couples, Trip for 15 Days and Rides will be 6500$ Including up and Down Flight Costs.

Happy and Safe Journey, Plan well.

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