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Rameshwaram is India’s last land route and Srilanka is only 12 km from Rameshwaram. There is the oldest sea rail bridge known as the Pamban Bridge. Find out more about Rameshwaram through details like budget costs, accommodation and travel expenses, and affordable ways to visit Rameshwaram in the following sections.

Why should you Visit Rameshwaram?

Rameshwaram is a blue water beach and also the last land of India and Srilanka will be only 12 km away, what with the eye of man is visible. The country name is also called Dhanushkodi, which means bow or Lord Srirama. Here you will have floating stones known to have been built by Hanuman as per the ancient texts as a bridge to Srilanka during the Ramayana.

You too have artifact shops with handicrafts made from seashells and many pearls. There are many temples and museums to visit in Rameshwaram. It is the land of Kalam because that is where Abdul Kalam was born.

Best Season to Visit

You can visit this place for any reason, No particular season is required, But Looks good during Summer.

Important Places to Visit

  • Rameshwaram Temple
  • Ramanathaswamy Temple
  • Villondi Theertham
  • Abdul Kalam Memorial
  • Abdul Kalam House
  • Dhanushkodi
  • Rameshwaram Beach
  • Pamban Bridge
  • Ramar Patham
  • Vibhishan Temple

Activities in Rameshwaram

There are many Watersports available in Rameshwaram like boating and Jet Skiing, Also Beach rides and Surfing.

How to Approach these Places?

The nearest Airport is Madurai Airport which is about 150 kms.

Through Train reach Rameshwaram Junction, Tickets Cost about 500-2000 depending upon Classes you choose, General is always 150.

Budget Plans, Travel Cost, and Route

Rameshwaram is a beach ride place and also few temples, So the maximum you’ll be exploring about 3 days, So Budget Plans and affordable costs are different for different category people, I’m going to put the options below.

For Solo Travelers and Nomads

For Solo Travelers, One of the Cheapest and Best Options Available is Railway Retiring Rooms, They are very cheapest and only 200 per day, If you want to skip those 200, You can Keep your Luggage in the Cloakroom and Travel, For Washroom and other Activities you’ll be charged just 20rs and if you want to stay for 12 hrs Charge is just 100rs, Complete details are given in this link, Click Here

For People Traveling in Cars

For people who want to travel in cars and Save Budget, Depending upon 4 seaters or 6 seaters, there is also the best option for you guys.

Petrol Bunks like Bharath petroleum or HP or Indian Oil at few places specifically built certain rooms, Like Bharath Petroleum has “Ghar Sansar” where you’ll get Washroom with excellent facilities like Even Geysers, Also Maintenance will be Excellent.

For Couples and others

For Families and Couples, Just Book Oyo rooms or else Take Government Tourism Accommodation, In my View, Oyo rooms are better to stay and independently explore places, 2 day Stay is enough.

Happy and Safe Journey.

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