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Pondicherry is the union territory in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The best known, however, is Tamil Nadu. So let’s see what’s more famous in Pondicherry, what activities are available, and also the overall travel and budget plan for Pondicherry.

What Exactly is Pondicherry and Why it is Famous?

Pondicherry is also called Puducherry, It is one of the Union Territory in India along with the other 9, The History of the Pondicherry Dates back to the 18th Century when the French landed in India, They made this as their Dockyard for the Ships and also along the Coast Side they’ve built many houses and churches, Till Today they are preserved and That is the Most Exciting thing about Pondicherry.

The entire Coast Line, Frech Houses, antique-style restaurants, and also the view of the beach form the most important aspects of Pondicherry. The most famous is the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. There is a village called Auroville where you visit Golden Globe, the whole village is full of foreign tourists. You can literally see the tourists from Europe and other countries walking around on their bikes and also all the restaurants are French and Italian style which is not common in India.

Another important thing is Since it is a union territory the liquor rates are very cheap because of Low Taxation duty.

There is also a Ganapathi Temple where you are welcomed with an Elephant which is Very Famous.

So Plan your Trip Perfectly Because Above Shown is the Only things Pondicherry is Famous for.

Best Season To Visit Pondicherry

Any Season you can visit Pondicherry, But As Usual, TamilNadu will be pathetic in Summer, If anyone has dehydration problems or Motion Sickness Please Avoid, Else Visit During Monsoons because the Cool Ocean Breezes kicks the Climate and Changes the Mood of the place.

Best Places to Visit

  • Aurobindo Ashram
  • Promenade Beach
  • Vinayagar Temple
  • Pondicherry Museum
  • Bharathi Park
  • Mahatma Gandhi Statue
  • Botanical Garden
  • Puducherry Beach
  • Auroville Beach
  • French Colony

Activities Available

Except Visiting there are no other Activities Available in this Place, There is a Peace Campaign in Aurobindo Asharam where you’ll be detached from all your problems for 15 days and you’ll be Trained for peace, “Of course you’ll not be doing that”.

How to Approach this Place

If you wish to go by Car, More than me Google Maps will be helping you.

If anyone plans to visit via Train, Better Fix your destination to Chengalpattu Railway Station and From there Many Trains to Pondicherry Railway Station are also Available, Else there are few trains directly to Pondicherry,

Click here for more details of Trains

Once You’ve Landed in Chengalpattu, There are Buses Available Which charges around 30 Rs. Also, There are many Taxi’s and Autos available where you can talk for 500rs and Visit Entire Places Which I’ve Mentioned Above.

Anandh Bhavan Restaurant is there, You can have food there if you want.

Budget Plans, Travel, and Route

Pondicherry is just a one day or Two day Trip, The Budget Plans can be easily restricted and you can have more fun by reading the following points, Explore any Place to the Fullest don’t be in a hurry mode so Please Stay for 2 Complete days to Complete Trip in Pondicherry.

For Solo Travelers

For Solo Travelers, One of the Cheapest and Best Options Available is Railway Retiring Rooms, They are very cheapest and only 200 per day, If you want to skip those 200, You can Keep your Luggage in the Cloakroom and Travel, For Washroom and other Activities you’ll be charged just 20rs and if you want to stay for 12 hrs Charge is just 100rs, Complete details are given in this link, Click Here

By Planning in the above way, You can Explore Pondicherry in 2 days with almost just under 700 rs.

If you can afford more, Please Rent a motorcycle and ride, It also saves your time and you can explore places faster if you want.

For People Traveling in Cars

This is the really best option for people traveling in Cars to Travel Pondicherry in best Budget Plan.

For people who want to travel in cars and Save Budget, Depending upon 4 seaters or 6 seaters, there is also the best option for you guys.

Petrol Bunks like Bharath petroleum or HP or Indian Oil at few places specifically built certain rooms, Like Bharath Petroleum has “Ghar Sansar” where you’ll get Washroom with excellent facilities like Even Geysers, Also Maintenance will be Excellent, You Guys can just Stop near Such Points and can Save days because Room per day in Pondicherry Costs about 1500.

For Couples and Family

Directly go and Stay in hotels near Chengalpattu, Because Hotels in Pondicherry are very Costly above 1500, The best option is to stay in Chengalpattu and Visit the Place within 1 day.

Happy and Safe Journey.

Some of the information like Places to Visit is taken from Google, And Some Content is Posted same from Other Posts from this site as this comes under Series of Either Country, State, or Continent

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