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Poland is a northern European country with an area of ​​almost 350,000 km². It is surrounded by many countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. This country has experienced many historical wars for 1000 years and survived almost many world wars earlier.

The Capital City is Warsaw, Their Official Language is Polish.

Their Currency is Poland Zloty

1 Poland złoty = 0.27 United States Dollar

Is Poland a Safe Country?

Poland is definitely a secure country and it is also listed in the list of the safest countries, although 17% of the Polish population living in poverty, the government is constantly striving to eliminate poverty very soon, By offering employment and qualification. However, it is still safe to travel here.

Why Should I Visit Poland?

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Poland is known for the yellow-green landscapes and autumn colors are simply beautiful landscapes. There are many landscapes, ancient cities and also the autumn leaves in Warsaw is just fantastic. Drive through the mountain Tain Alps by train and waterfalls to visit lakes and much more.

Best Season to Visit Poland

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Climate is moderate and min to max temperatures are -6 to 27 degrees Centigrade in the Seasons, So the best season to visit will be Fall and Monsoon Because they enhance the beauty of Poland to the next level

Important Places to Visit

  • Krakow
  • Warsaw
  • Gdansk
  • Zakopane
  • Tatra Mountains
  • Poznan
  • Sopot
  • Bialoweiza Forest
  • Malbork
  • Giant Mountains
  • Szczecin
  • Lubin
  • Usedom
  • Katowice
  • Kolobrzeg
  • Swinoujscie
  • Karpacz
  • Tatra National Park
  • Slowinski National Park
  • Zamosc
  • Bieszczady Mountains
  • Beskids
  • Jelenia Gora
  • Sandomierz

How to Reach Poland?

Flights are direct to Warsaw International Airport, Tickets are almost 800$ now due to Covid.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Tourism is quite low in Poland and Many Places aren’t Open till now, Tourists who are planning to Visit Poland check the Covid restrictions below


Affordable Travel Options and Stays

Use Airbnb for finding out Hostels in and near your travel place, Staying in the Hostels is the best option for solo-travelers, There are rooms only just for 15$ and the location rides may cost you around 30$, If you go by cheapest modes of Transportation Like Train or Bus, it’ll cost just 20$. Your Estimated budget for 15 days stay might be around 2500$.

For Couples and Families, The Tourist Escort Charges you 100$ per day, So if you plan to live 15 days in Poland, Including all the activities your estimation of the budget would be about 4000$ for one person, If it is a couple it’ll be just 5500$.

Happy and Safe Journey

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