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Norway is completely Located in Northern Europe and also surrounded by Sweden and the Norwegian Sea. This is one of the Scandinavian Country and the Capital City of Norway is Oslo. Noway is Completely filled with Capes, Small Islands, and Beaches. Also, it is famous for Red Painted Wooden Houses.

Europe is the most visited place in the world. Almost 100 million people travel to Europe as a travel destination regardless of the season because of its centuries–old culture and tourist destinations. Places like Paris, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Italy are at the top. Among the tourist destinations around the world, there are almost 44 countries in Europe today. One by one let’s explore all of the locations and provide perfect details on travel expenses, locations and budget stay in hotels.

Capital City is Oslo

1 Norwegian Krone = 0.12 United States Dollar

Why Norway?

Many Places like Caves, Capes, Islands and Cool Beaches and always Temperature is Mild and Cool.

Best Season

Summers and Monsoon are the best seasons.

Important Places in Norway

  • Geirangerfjord
  • Pulpit Rock
  • Trolltunga
  • North Cape
  • Lysefjord
  • Flåmsbana
  • Bryggen
  • Trollstigen
  • Oslo Opera House
  • Frogner Park
  • The Vigeland Park
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Akershus Fortress
  • The Royal Palace
  • Munch Museum
  • The Norwegian Museum of Cultural
  • Lofotr Viking Museum
  • Arctic Cathedral
  • Jotunheimen National Park
  • Stegastein viewpoint
  • Troldhaugen
  • Hunderfossen Adventure Park

How to Reach Norway

Oslo International Airport, You’ll Have all the details listed below.

Flight Costs are 850$ Now.

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Covid19 Restrictions

Travel Banned as of now, Check news and details here.

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Budget Travel and Affordable Stays

For Solo Travelers, Choose Backpacker Hostels, Daily it Costs 27$.

For Family or Couples Travel Escort is the Best Option. But Expensive, Backpackers also available for Couples.

Cost Estimation for Backpackers, Trip for 15 Days, and Rides will be 3400$ Including up and Down Flight Costs.

Cost Estimation for Couples, Trip for 15 Days and Rides will be 7500$ Including up and Down Flight Costs.

Happy and Safe Journey, Plan well.

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