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African countries are often labeled dangerous countries and their image was further denied by the mainstream media, but in reality, African countries are great place and indeed very pure places to live, they do not meet Fully polluted and you can still see clear skies and wildlife calmly, there are still tribes in danger of extinction and also species that live peacefully in Africa, in addition to Europe and Southeast Asia, there are many other places to travel and visit, so in this series, I am going to explore Africa first.

Namibia is the only country in Africa that is very clean and tidy and almost has the unique look and management like the US or Europe This country is very well developed and wildlife is protected over a great distance as long as a road trip, forests will be on both sides and also covered by lush green valleys, camels and also mountains and agriculture, Namibia is on the top list of Africa to visit, there are forests and also the largest desert area in Namibia which is the Kalahari desert, The cost of living in Namibia is very high, and so is the infrastructure, roads, and connectivity are first class in Namibia, there are many attractions in Namibia and the Herero Tribes is the most visited, tourism, mining is the main contributor to Namibia‘s GDP

The Capital City of Namibia is Windhoek

English and Africana are official Languages.

Official Currency is Namibian Dollar

1 Namibian dollar = 0.067 United States Dollar

Why Should I Visit Namibia?

As explained above, there are a number of places in Namibia to visit and also completely surrounded by beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, and deserts.

These are the only places where we can see natural beauties and also safaris and national parks. There are also many numbers. Also, there is no political turmoil at the moment.

EcoTourism and biodiversity parks and there are also different species of animals and birds in Namibia to visit, be sure to explore this place for at least 20 days.

Best Season to Visit Namibia

Monsoon and Spring are the best seasons to visit Namibia due to the visual effect of vegetation, otherwise, any season is suitable to visit

Namibia Beautiful Places

  • Etosha National Park
  • Twyfelfontein
  • Namib-Naukluft National Park
  • Cape Cross Seal Reserve
  • Waterberg Plateau National Park
  • Skeleton Coast Park
  • Epupa Falls
  • Bwabwata National Park
  • Christuskirche
  • Popa Game Park
  • Vingerklip
  • Otjikoto Lake
  • Duwisib Castle
  • National Marine Aquarium
  • Naankuse Foundation Wildlife
  • Okaukuejo Waterhole

How to Reach Namibia

Flights to Windhoek International Airport is the destination point, it will only have connecting flights, so most flights will be from City from Cape to Windhoek, details are available here

Flight Timings

Flight Charges are Very High during this time, 1300$ Per Person.

Covid-19 Restrictions.

There are no travel restrictions, but you must get a negative test for Covid-19168 hours before travel, please read the Documentation below


Affordable Stays and Budget Travel

You must definitely visit Namibia and spend for at least 25 days, also the budget travel option is really restricted, you can stay in hostels for $ 16, but you will miss out on many places and you will end up exploring less. You need to hire a travel companion and ride a taxi, no food, it charges almost $ 2500-3000, very expensive, but you will explore each and every part of Namibia, including interaction with the tribes.40440-4 Nearly the cost estimate for a person will be $ 6000 Including flight charges up and down for a single person, for a couple, it will be $ 10,000.

Happy and Safe Journey.

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