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What’s Famous in Murudeshwar?

Murudeshwar is a coastal city and is known for the Shiva temple at Gokarna. A large Shiva Lingam is on the coast in Gokarna and the largest 21-story Hindu temple is in Murudeshwar. The distance between Gokarna and Murudeshwar is just 33 km, Gokarna Beach is also a famous beach with blue water. Om Beach is very famous in Gokarna.

Best Season to Visit in Murudeshwar

Every season is suitable to visit Murudeshwar as Karnataka in Western Ghats surrounds cool climate so you can visit Murudeshwar anytime

Beautiful Places to Visit

  • Shri Murudeshwara Temple
  • Nakhuda Beach
  • Murudeshwara Temple
  • Gokarna
  • Om Beach
  • Half Moon Beach
  • Sri Mahabaleshwara
  • Paradise Beach
  • Shiva Cave
  • Jatayu Teertha
  • Nirvana Beach
  • Om Beach Rock View
  • Dolphin Bay

How to Reach Murudeshwar

There are direct trains to Udipi and from there, there are direct trains to Murudeshwar.

Flights straight to Mangalore and there are many buses in Mangalore to Murudeshwar.

Budget Plans for Travel and Stays

Budget Cost and Travel Plans are different for different people, So I’m Listing the Categories so that it’ll be easy.

For Solo Travelers and Nomads

For solo travelers, one of the cheapest and best options available is rail Retirement room. They are very cheapest and only 200 a day. If you want to skip those 200, you can store your luggage in the cloakroom and when traveling. You will only be charged 20 hours for washrooms and other activities. If you want to stay 12 hours the fee is only 100rs, please see this link for full details. Click here

For People Traveling in Cars

For people who travel by car and want to save budget, there is also the best option for you depending on the 4 seater or 6 seater Petrol Bunks such as Bharath Petroleum or HP or Indian Oil in some places specially built for specific rooms. Like Bharath Petroleum, has “Ghar Sansar” which gives you a laundry room with excellent facilities including geysers. Also, the maintenance is excellent.

For Families and Couples

Book OYO rooms daily it costs about 1000, Book this because murudeshwar is just 2 day Visit Trip.

Happy and Safe Journey

Some of the information like Places to Visit is taken from Google, And Some Content is Posted same from Other Posts from this site as this comes under Series of Either Country, State, or Continent

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