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Mozambique is the South Eastern Coastal Country of Africa, It is Surrounded by Countries like Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. The Name Mozambique is a Portuguese word Mocambique, It was named after Portuguese Explorers reached this Place. The Voyage of Vasco de Game Before Reaching India landed here. Mozambique is famous for its Wild Life and Variety of Bird Species, There are almost 700 different varieties of bird species in Mozambique and also Boat ride to Madagascar. There are Many Wild Life National Parks.

The Capital is Maputo.

The Language they speak is Swahili.

The Currency is Metical(MZN).

Important Places in Mozambique

  • Island of Mozambique
  • Gorongosa National Park
  • Maputo Special Reserve
  • Limpopo National Park
  • Portuguese Island
  • Niassa Reserve
  • Tunduru Botanical Gardens
  • Catedral de Maputo
  • Fortress of Maputo
  • Casa de Ferro
  • Cahora Bassa Dam

Table of Information

Best Season June to October
Climate 11, 45 (Celsius)
Flight Cost 1200$
Flight DetailsClick Here
Covid RestrictionsClick Here

Budget Travel Options

For Solo Travelers/ Couples you have the option of Backpackers, Per Day it costs about 15-20$, Overall Cost estimation for 15 days Including round trips for nomads it’ll be 3500$, For Couples, it’ll be 6000$.

For Hotels, it starts from 45$ and the details are below.


Happy and Safe Journey.

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