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Madagascar is a Subcontinent of Africa which is on the East, It is completely separated from the Land and is like an Island on the East of Africa. 90% of Wildlife On the West of Madagascar, there is Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa. This Place is ruled by the French and they Later Colonized Madagascar, Also Long Trees with the Largest Diameter branches are available here, Varieties of Bird Species and Animals are Worth a Visit here.

The Languages they Speak is Malagasy, French.

The Capital City is Antananarivo.

The Currency is Ariary(MGA)

Important Places in Madagascar

  • Nose Be
  • Antananarivo
  • Tsingy de
  • Morondava
  • Nosy boraha
  • Isalo National Park
  • Antisiranana
  • Toliara
  • Amber National Park
  • Taolagnaro
  • Ifaty
  • Ambalavao
  • Nosy Iranja
  • Anakao
  • Antalaha
  • Ambilobe
  • Andilana

Table of Information

Best Season Dec to March
Climate 11 to 45 (Celsius)
Flight Cost 1200$
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Budget Options and Travel

This is an Island, Just Take a Travel Guide or an Escort and Spend around 10 Days, The Average Cost estimation for Solo Traveler will be 3400$ and for Couples, it’ll be 6000$.

Hotel Rates with Map is below.


Happy and Safe Journey. Plan Well

Madagascar Brief

Madagascar changed into first settled through human beings approximately 2000 years ago. Madagascar’s settlers had been both Indonesians or humans of combined Indonesian/African descent.

The first regarded European to peer Madagascar changed into a Portuguese sea captain, Diogo Dias, who noticed the island on August 10, 1500, after he changed into blown off direction at the manner to India. He named the island St. Lawrence. Later withinside the 1500s the Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English all tried to set up buying and selling settlements in Madagascar. All of those failed because of antagonistic situations and fierce preventing through nearby Malagasy warriors.

Meanwhile, throughout the 1700s, the Sakalavas of the western coast set up the primary country of Madagascar. In 1810, their rivals, the Merina, set up a country over maximum of the relaxation of the island. Their king, Radama I, set up members of the family with the British and opened the united states to English missionaries who unfold Christianity at some point of the island and transcribed Malagasy right into a written language. Under Radama’s reign, a miniature Industrial revolution delivered the enterprise to the island.

In 1883, France invaded Madagascar and through 1896 had set up rule over the island, which have become a French colony. France used Madagascar as a supply for wood and uncommon spices, like vanilla. The Malagasy had main uprisings in opposition to the French, in 1918 and 1947, however the united states did now no longer advantage independence till June 26, 1960.

In 1975, Didier Ratsiraka took manage of the united states. He dominated Madagascar as a dictator till he changed into overthrown in 1991 amid an monetary collapse. He regained the presidency quickly thereafter and dominated till dropping a contested election in 2001. The new president, Marc Ravalomanana, promised to carry democracy to the united states. Having gotten his begin promoting yogurt at the streets from the lower back of his bicycle, Ravalomanana constructed a enterprise empire and have become Madagascar’s richest man. As of 2005, he’s nonetheless president and the economic system maintains to improve.

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