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I’ll talk more about Kenya today, but be careful, explore the city during the day time, because there is a chance of burglary and chain snatching during night time

But there is no change of any suspicious or theft during forest Safari Activities, I’ll list the Activities below.

Their Official Language is swaheli,

1 Kenyan Shilling = 0.0091 United States Dollar

Why Should I Explore Kenya?

Kenya is an eastern country in Africa, The capital is Nairobi, and many Neolithic archaeological excavations and cave paintings have been found in Kenya. It also became independent in 1964.

Equator also passes through Kenya.

Sightseeing in Kenya is famous for interacting with the Masai Mara tribe. They have been the same for many years and you can also see their living conditions. Many national parks and safaris are Kenya’s main tourist attractions, with Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria flowing through Kenya.

Best Season to Visit

In any country in Africa, the best season to visit is the monsoon or a few. You can visit countries like Zambia even during the rainy season. It is not recommended in the summer due to the high temperatures in the summer.

Best Places to Visit

  • Nairobi Crocodile Park
  • Masai mara national Park
  • Equator Point
  • Masai Mara Tribe
  • Lake Turkana
  • Lake Victoria
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Tsavo East National Park

Activities Available

Cheetah, Elephant, and Tiger safaris are famous and also valley Viewpoints and Trekking are the most Important activities.

How to Reach Kenya?

To know about Flights Connecting to Kenya , Click here

It costs around 1300$ to and fro, Other stays and Cost Related details are below.

Travel Cost, Budget, and Route Map

African Countries are quite expensive, So people from the USA or Other Countries will have Dormitories in kenya to Stay which costs only 15$ per day, But at the same time if there are any Indian Communities working there, Ask them for Accommodation, They are sweet people and will be helping you about the stay, They’ll have community halls where you’ll be provided with all facilities. Contact them through the internet prior also you’ll be getting all the rides with cheaper and affordable costs.

Rides to All National Parks normally and Other Activities costs totally about 700$, But if you Plan as I described it’ll get it done within 300$.

Get tested negative for Corona and on arrival Visa is quite easy for Tourists to Kenya.

Happy and Safe Journey.

Some of the information like Places to Visit is taken from Google, And Some Content is Posted same from Other Posts from this site as this comes under Series of Either Country, State, or Continent

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