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Italy, when you hear this place, it immediately reminds you of many things, be it cuisines like pizza, pasta, or beautiful, romantic places like Naples or Venice, and lets not forget the Colosseum in Rome and Might‘s story about the rise and fall of the Roman empire. Today I am going to talk about Italy and its influence on tourism and cuisine around the world.

The Official Language of Italy is Italiana. The Currency they follow is Euro and Rome is the capital City

1 Euro = 1.21 United States Dollar

Why Italy is So Famous for Tourism?

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The country of Italy is located in southern Europe and has a great history and its contribution to the world is also being discussed. Especially there are many romantic tourists. places for couples like Venice, it is the most visited tourist place in the world and around 1.5 million couples visit Venice every year and of course in other places like Milan, San Marino, Rome and Naples, everything has a unique experience.

Sicily is famous for the cuisines and it contributed to world-famous dishes like pizza, pasta, macaroni, and spaghetti. There is much to explore in Italy and it is also known for its fashion culture and is the leading producer of leather in the world.

The Christians Pilgrimage Vatican City is located in Rome, Italy.

History of Italy

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Italy Has a history which dates back almost to 1000 BC, It has been invaded by Greeks and the Colonization of Greeks was Started and Later after the Downfall of the Greeks, The Might Roman Empire Took Place. Roman Empire Started back in 700bc and Continued up to 476AD.

Later the Roman Empire was normally conquered by Many Kings, But it all changed after world war 1 and the Fascist Dictatorship Rule of Bennetino Mussolini, He ruled Italy like a monarch.

Manufacturing Industry

Italy’s main source of income is Food, Clothing, Steel, Iron, Chemicals, Ceramics, Automobiles, Marble, and other Fashion Goods.

Italy is the Largest Producer of Leather, Automobiles are the second largest in Italy, The World Famous Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, and Fiat Cars are produced in Italy.

As Leather is largely produced in Italy, It also has its Hold on Fashion Industry, The Worlds Famous Fashion and Manufacturing Brands like Dolce& Gabbana, Armani Jeans, Rolex, GUCCI, Lacoste, and many other Brands are from Italy.

Tourism In Italy

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Italy is the 3rd Most Visited Country in the European Continent and almost 95 Million People as per Wikipedia, Tourists Visited Italy, Christian Holy Pilgrimage Vatican City is in Rome and Pope also resides in Rome.

There are many Beaches in Italy to Visit and one of the beach like Positano Beach got UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE STATUS, The Beautiful City on Lake Venice is called as Romantic Capital of the World and many Couples almost up to 6 million Visit Venice, Other Famous Places like Naples and Milian also clocks many Tourists and especially Naples is all about Agriculture, Valleys and Diary Production.

Best Season to Visit Italy

Any Season you can Visit Italy, Climate is Dry and Humid and it snows during Winter that is between December and January, And also no political Turm oil As of now, So best Time Suggested would be during Summers.

Best Places to Visit in Italy

  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Cinque Terre
  • Leaning Tower Pisa
  • Verona
  • Capri
  • Amalfi
  • Sardina
  • Lake Como
  • Sorrento
  • Lake Garda
  • Genoa
  • San Gimignano
  • Mount Etna
  • Lucca
  • Syracuse
  • Portofino
  • Ravello
  • Alberobello
  • Agrigento
  • Manarola
  • Ischia
  • Monterosso al Mare
  • Riomaggiore

How to Reach Italy

Reach to Milan Malpensa International Airport, The Tickets are now Hiked because of the Covid Reasons and Earlier it is just 300$, Now it is as Costly as 800$.


As the COVID-19 Virus has reached to peak state in ITALY, The Government Requested for Making Many Travel Restrictions until March 2021, Also you’ll be disappointed now if you go because many Activities may not be functioning right now due to lack of personnel, We suggest you to please change your plan if you want to visit Italy Right now because the virus lately started reacting again, But Travel is just restricted in few places and open in other places, Carefully Read the Guidelines and the Official Site will be Given Below


Affordable Stay Options, Travel Cost

The Best and Affordable stay options would be Hostel Stays, For Nomads who want to Travel within the Budget Stay at hostels that are open and available, Charge per day is 20$, If you have your Country embassy you can discuss with them for more Better Options.

For Families and Couples, you’ll have Travel Escorts who charge a reasonable amount of up to 100$ per day including food and other services, There are many Places to Explore in Italy, So Spend at least 2 weeks to Enjoy Italy, The Overall Trip cost per person today will be 3000$, If it is a Couple it’ll be within 4500$ limit, If a Solo Traveller who stays in Hostel Rooms or Airbnb, Then it’ll be done within 2000$

Happy and Safe Journey.

Some of the information like Places to Visit is taken from Google, And Some Content is Posted same from Other Posts from this site as this comes under Series of Either Country, State, or Continent

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