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Now I’m going to share my experience about the Travel and exploring the Country called the Democratic Republic of Congo.

1 Congolese Franc = 0.00050 United States Dollar

How Safe is D R Congo?

Let me alert you beforehand, the Congo is still a pretty poor country in Africa and Political Tower Oil is pretty common here. Many tourists have experienced theft and attacks during the night. In any case, I advise you not to travel independently. Only travel with tourist escorts.


Formerly the Belgian Congo, this territory become inhabited via way of means of historic Negrito peoples (Pygmies), who had been driven into the mountains via way of means of Bantu and Nilotic invaders. [1]The American correspondent Henry M. Stanley navigated the Congo River in 1877 and opened the indoors to exploration. Commissioned via way of means of King Leopold II of the Belgians, Stanley made treaties with local chiefs that enabled the king to attain a non-public name to the territory on the Berlin Conference of 1885.

Leopold amassed a sizeable non-public fortune from ivory and rubber via Congolese slave labor; 10 million human beings are anticipated to have died from compelled labor, starvation, and outright extermination throughout Leopold’s colonial rule. His brutal exploitation of the Congo finally has become a global purpose clbre, prompting Belgium to take over management of the Congo, which remained a colony till agitation for independence compelled Brussels to furnish freedom on June 30, 1960. In elections that month, distinguished nationalists won: Patrice Lumumba of the leftist Mouvement National Congolais have become a top minister and Joseph Kasavubu of the ABAKO Party have become head of state.

But inside weeks of independence, the Katanga Province, led via way of means of Moise Tshombe, seceded from the brand new republic, and any other mining province, South Kasai, followed. Belgium despatched paratroopers to quell the civil war, and the United Nations flew in a peacekeeping force.

Why should I Visit congo despite being unsafe?

Well the main attractions in the Congo are Wild Life Parks and Vegetations has its unique landscapes only in DR Congo and also the country is full of wildlife, waterfalls, and lakes everywhere so people can have fun here but tourist escort is very much to recommend. Active Volcano is also available here.

Season Suitable to Visit

Monsoon is the best time of year to visit DR Congo For safety reasons.

Best Places to Visit in DR Congo

  • Virunga National Park
  • Mount Nyiragongo
  • Mount Sabyinyo
  • Mikeno Volcano
  • Kahuzi-Biega National Park
  • Okapi Wildlife Reserve
  • Kundelungu National Park
  • National Museum of Congo
  • Mbudi Nature

How to reach this place

Right now there are few Covid restrictions, So get tested negative for COVID then within 24 hrs on arrival visa will be approved.

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Flight costs are almost 1100$

Travel Cost, Budget Details.

There is no other way, Except staying with vacation escorts provided hotels or Stays in 5-star hotels because of security reasons, Per day costs will be 50$ and If you cover all fees including food and rides, it would cost one person nearly $ 3,000 to visit and explore DR Congo.

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