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Chidambaram Rahasyam | Chidambaram Temple Age and History | Gods in Chidambaram Temple | Architecture of Chidambaram Temple | Chidambaram District Tamilnadu

Chidambaram is a district in Tamilnadu. Famous for temples that are more than 2000 years old. There is a great historical rule for Cholas and Pandya. There are many places to discover in Chidambaram.

Chidambaram (additionally Thillai) actually manner the sky permeated with the aid of using surroundings of intelligence and wisdom. According to legend, it became as soon as a woodland of tillai, a mangrove species of trees. There became as soon as a small shrine at the banks of a tank. The saints Vyagrapada and Patanjali are stated to have worshipped at this shrine, now referred to as Thirumoolanathar.

It is assumed that their penance attained fruition with the revelation of Shiva’s cosmic dance with the aid of using Lord Nataraja at the auspicious Thai Poosam day. The golden corridor of dance became constructed and protected with gold plates with the aid of using Jatavarman Sundra Pandya (AD 1251-1272). He became very happy with his achievement, and as such assumed the identity of Hemchandandana Raja (actually the king who protected the temple with gold).

What exactly is Chidambaram Famous For?

Chidambaram is mainly famous for Nataraja Temple which is almost 2000 years older and also the great “Chidambara Rahasyam” ” The Secret Leaf” Temple, Still the exact meaning of the leaf is not decoded, They say that it is the secret of nature and once it is revealed, The destruction of the earth starts.

Annamalai University is in Chidambaram and also other famous Tourist Spot is Mangroove Forest and also Govindaraja Perumal Temple.

Chidambaram Best Season to Visit

Any Season would be preferred, Its completely filled with Temples.

Best Places to Visit in Chidambaram

  • Nataraja Temple
  • Govindaraja Perumal Temple
  • Pichavaram Mangroove Forest
  • Kaali Amman Temple
  • Sirkazhi Temple

Activities Available

Visiting Temples are only the Activities, Other than That Simple Boat Ride in Pichavaram Mangroove Forests is said to be Spectacular. The boat ride is 500.

How to Approach this Place?

Just reach Chennai Railway Station and From there you’ll have direct trains to Chidambaram Railway Station, Listed here

From There As Usual you’ll get access to many Taxi’s and Buses, Also Autos.

Budget Plans, Travel, and Route

Chidambaram is a Very Small Place all it takes a maximum is 3 days and a minimum of 2 days, So Budget Plan for Different Categories is listed below.

For Solo Travelers

For Solo Travelers, One of the Cheapest and Best Options Available is Railway Retiring Rooms, They are very cheapest and only 200 per day, If you want to skip those 200, You can Keep your Luggage in the Cloakroom and Travel, For Washroom and other Activities you’ll be charged just 20rs and if you want to stay for 12 hrs Charge is just 100rs, Complete details are given in this link, Click Here

For People Travelling in Cars

This is the really best option for people traveling in Cars to Travel Chidambaram in best Budget Plan.

For people who want to travel in cars and Save Budget, Depending upon 4 seaters or 6 seaters, there is also the best option for you guys.

Petrol Bunks like Bharath petroleum or HP or Indian Oil at few places specifically built certain rooms, Like Bharath Petroleum has “Ghar Sansar” where you’ll get Washroom with excellent facilities like Even Geysers, Also Maintenance will be Excellent

For Families and Couples

The best Way is to Book rooms in OYO, Just Stay for a day and a Half, Board Around night, and leave the next day Evening this saves budget.

Happy Traveling.

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