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Moldova is a Land-Locked Country Surrounded by Ukraine and Romania, Many People Here Speak in Romanian as this country has historical Influence on Romania, The Capital city of Moldova is Chisinau. Although this is a land-locked country, There is a very small stretch of the beach which is bordered by Ukraine, But Around 5 Kms of the Strech belong to Moldova. The Vegetation and the Lush Green Pine Wood Forests are Fascinating in Moldova. This Country Split from USSR in 1991, Initially, it has few Political Crisis and was Unsafe, But Now it is Safe to Travel, But Foreign Tourists are Requested to take the option of Travel Escort.

The Currency is Moldovian Leu(MDL).

Important Places in Moldova

  • Chisinau
  • Old Orhei
  • Circova
  • Bender
  • Balti
  • Comrat
  • Saharna
  • Capriana
  • Hincesti
  • Rezina
  • Causeni
  • Dubasari
  • Straseni
  • Floresti

Table of information

Best SeasonApril to May
ClimateMin -4 Max 28
Flights Costs1200$
Flight DetailsClick Here
Travel RestrictionsClick Here
BackpackersClick Here

Travel Options

Explore this Place At least for 10 days, The Cost Estimation for Solo Traveler will be 3000$, For Couples it’ll be 5500$.

Below are the hotels in Moldova.


Happy and Safe Journey

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