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Austria is a landlocked country. Surrounded by Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Slovakia. Austria is also one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Although it is comparatively less visited than other countries in Europe, it still attracts almost 3 million tourists in Austria.

Europe is the most visited place around the world, Almost about 100 million People Travel to Europe as their Travel Destination Irrespective of Season because of its Age-Old Culture and Tourist Destinations, Places like Paris, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy are ranked top among the tourist destinations around the World, There are almost 44 Countries in Europe today, One by One Let us Explore all the places and give perfect details about Travel Cost, Places and Budget Stays in Hotels.

Austria Capital is Vienna and Majority of them Speak German

They follow euro currency

1 EURO = 1.21 USD

Why Should I Visit Austria?

Austria is a landlocked country and has very beautiful architecture. It is very close to the above countries. If you want to explore Europe at all, you can visit the country from Austria by bus. Otherwise, ticket prices will cost you a bomb.

In Austria, there are many landscapes, dams, and waterfalls to visit, and train rides through the mountain Alps are also interesting.

Best Season to Visit Austria

Every season is suitable for a visit to Austria, winter temperatures drop below -10, but summer temperatures are up to 40 people who come from cold/ hot countries have to decide from above.

Best Places to Visit

  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Innsbruck
  • Hallstat
  • Lake Constance
  • Graz
  • Saint Anton am arlberg
  • Linz
  • Kitzbuhel
  • Soelden
  • Melk
  • Badgastein
  • Kaprun
  • Lech
  • Ischgl
  • Bregenz
  • Klagenfurt
  • Seefeld
  • Mondsee
  • Lake Neuseidl
  • Villach
  • Soll
  • Tux

How to Reach Austria

Flights are direct to Vienna International Airport, Visit here for more details, Ticket Cost is 1000$ For one Trip

COVID 19 Restrictions

Visit the official Site, Right Now Travel is completely banned till February 21st, Further Announcements will be updated

Affordable Travel Plans and Cost

The Best and Affordable stay options would be Hostel Stays, For Nomads who want to Travel within the Budget Stay at hostels that are open and available, Charge per day is 20$, If you have your Country embassy you can discuss with them for more Better Options.

For Families and Couples, you’ll have Travel Escorts who charge a reasonable amount of up to 100$ per day including food and other services, There are many Places to Explore in Austria So Spend at least 2 weeks to Enjoy Austria, The Overall Trip cost per person today will be 4000$, If it is a Couple it’ll be within 5500$ limit, If a Solo Traveller who stays in Hostel Rooms or Airbnb, Then it’ll be done within 3000$

Happy and Safe Journey

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