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Angola is a South Western Coastal Country in Africa, It is surrounded by Countries like Congo, Zambia, and Namibia. There are different Tribes in Angola. Also, Angola is a very expensive country, If you are a traveler you need to Plan your Budget for Angola’s Trip, Portuguese Explorers landed here in the 1500s and tried to colonize the country, There have been many historical wars between the Portuguese and Angola Tribes. Oil Production is the Main Source of the Economy Followed by Agriculture where they Produce Maize. There are many Places to Visit and the List is given below.

The Capital City is Luanda.

Official Language is Portugal.

The Currency is Kwanza(AOA).

Important Places in Angola.

  • Luanda
  • Lubango
  • Lobito
  • Parque
  • Benguela
  • Iona National Park
  • Huambo
  • Calendula
  • Soyo
  • Kuito
  • Bicuar National Park
  • Cacuaco

Table of Information

Best SeasonJune-Sept
Climate 10 to 45 (Celsius)
Flight Cost1100$
Flight DetailsClick Here
Covid RestrictionClick Here

Budget Options and Travel

For Solo Travelers/ Couples you have the option of Backpackers, Per Day it costs about 5-10$, Overall Cost estimation for 15 days Including round trips for nomads it’ll be 3500$, For Couples, it’ll be 5500$.

For Hotels, it starts from 25$ and the details are below.

Plan for At least 10 days .


Happy and Safe Journey.

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