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Bosnia and Herzegovina are a South European Coastal Country and The Sea adjacent to it is the Adriatic Sea, It is Bordered by countries like Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro. Bosnia is an Islamic Country with Almost 50% of the Population are from Islamic Region, There are beautiful Rivers and Lakes in Bosnia to Visit, But Bosnia is often affected by Political Crisis, During Bosnian War in 1995, Parliament Building is Burnt by rebels of that Country. Again Similar Kind of Situation Arrived in 2014, Although it is safe to Travel, It is definitely recommended to Travel along with Travel escorts. Let’s Explore

Important Places in Bosnia

  1. Sarajevo
  2. Mostar
  3. Blagaj
  4. Neum
  5. Jajce
  6. Trebinje
  7. Banja Luka
  8. Konjic
  9. Travnik
  10. Sutjeska National Park
  11. Bihac
  12. Nacionalni Park Una
  13. Ilidiza
  14. Zenica
  15. Foca
  16. Bosanska Krupa
  17. Livno

Table of Information

Best SeasonMay-Sept, Feb-March(Winter)
ClimateMin -4, Max 43 (Celsius)
Flight Cost750$
Flight DetailsClick Here
Covid RestrictionsClick Here, Few Places are Closed

Budget Travel Options

There are Backpacker Hostels for 5-10$ Per day, Click Here, Spend at least 10 days and the Cost estimation is about 2500$.

For Couples , Cost Estimation will be 5000$ and Hotel Details are below.


Happy and Safe Journey,Plan Well.

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